Report Development Delivery Center

Report Development Delivery Center

  • Report development utilizing our Dashboard Gear Toolkits

  • Report development directly against the Infor Lawson application tables

  • Dashboard creation including reports, analytics & KPI’s

  • Report distribution implementation for LBI and non-LBI clients

Dashboard Gear provides a unique value proposition to Infor Lawson clients.

We combine our proven experience and knowledge in Infor Lawson report development, Infor Lawson applications, advanced data management and visualization with our mature methodologies to provide cost-effective reporting solutions.

The end result is control over your report development process, transparent milestones, increased predictability and cost savings. Dashboard Gear offers a turnkey fixed price engagement program designed around the Application Service Provider (ASP) model with a “pay-as-you-use” approach, onsite resources to support and supplement your existing team or on-demand ad-hoc report development services.

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Dashboard Gear provides Infor Lawson clients with personnel that employ mature methodologies to plan and design an effective development process that can significantly lower the cost of development. This process consists of:

  • Standardization of report requests

  • Implementation of standard estimation tools and processes

  • Categorization of reports by complexity and development effort

  • Analyzing reports for re-use of previously developed components

  • Prioritization of the reports

  • Development, testing and quality assurance of the reports

  • Deployment and distribution of the reports to the end users.

By extracting, aggregating, transforming and reporting on the critical intelligence in ERP systems, Dashboard Gear provides Infor Lawson users with the information they need to better serve their constituents. We have extensive experience developing reports using Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting System, Business Objects and Excel.