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Dashboard Gear has transformed the accounting analysis at Advocate Health Care. With our previous tool, it took the accountants a couple hours to prepare the monthly data for analysis. Utilizing the Dashboard Gear cube, the data preparation takes less than a minute.
Pam Slikas, Manager, Financial Systems & Integration, Accounting, Advocate Health Care
Reports can be generated easily and quickly. It’s a very user friendly reporting tool! Instead of running several reports out of the system to find the answer to a question, we can just put together one report by using this tool and get the answer to our question right away! This tool has enhanced our ability to spend more time analyzing the financial data for the organization.
Etilvia Sullivan, Director of Financial and Strategic Analysis, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic
Dashboard Gear has transformed our reporting and analytics capabilities by building out data structures to support Infor’s products. They are a fantastic support for Denver Public Schools and are reliable and available for navigating complexities.
Betsy Conti, Manager of Human Resources Analytics, Denver Public Schools